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11Single Point of Responsibility - Connection

Single Point of Responsibility

From design through construction, BG Constructors is committed to keeping solutions a priority by focusing on what’s in the clients’ best interest and streamlining communication between design and construction.

11Multiple Market Sectors - Buildings

Multiple Market Sectors

BG Constructors delivers our innovative approach across multiple market sectors including civic, commercial, K-12 and higher education, healthcare, hospitality, and custom homes and multi-family residential.

11True to Design Intent - On Target

True To Design Intent

Our #1 priority is to provide functional building systems in accordance with the original design intent. BG Constructors integrates designers and contractors to construct systems that support our clients’ expectations.

Our Story

BG Constructors, Inc. (BGC) facilitates the successful integration of construction professionals and design engineers for building interior systems. Long gone are the simple equipment and manual controls of yesteryear; today’s building systems are complex networks of equipment, connections and digital control systems. BG Constructors combines relationships including carefully vetted contractors with BG Buildingworks, our engineering company affiliate, to produce a built solution that meets the project’s design intent.

Whether replacing a building’s entire boiler plant or adding wireless microphones to a school gymnasium, BG Constructors is here to serve.  Our access to skilled design professionals can help navigate the best options for a lighting and controls upgrade, mitigate noise and vibration challenges, and tackle those projects required by state and national regulators.  We will assemble the best team to solve mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, electrical, lighting, low voltage technology, acoustics, and controls challenges.

Design-build is different at BG Constructors

Different than traditional design-build contractors, BG Constructors delivers projects with the design intent in mind and ready access to a team of design engineers to troubleshoot any issues that arise during construction.

BG Constructors is built upon strong business principles of trust, integrity, and service beyond the ordinary, which is personified through our people. It means more that our clients feel the same.

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